Dauntless, Steadfast, Enigmatic.... Meet Kiesza.

Remember this name because it is about the be all over the place. Let me introduce you to Kiesza. Born in Calgary, she has now become a smash hit across the pond... She also happens to be my boyfriend Blayre's sister, and I grew up with her. 

Ever since i can remember this girl has demanded a presence like no other, from singing Annie in perfect pitch at the age of 10, or striding across the stage of the Young Canadian Grand Stand show upside down(yes she walks on her hands.... I mean of course she does)- she has never shown fear, in fact she welcomes the opportunity to perform and let those around her stand back in awe of her energetic engaging spirit. 

I promise you will be listening to this track all summer- it has become a mega hit in the UK already rising to the #1 spot, she has been making daily appearances, covers are hitting youtube, and parodies are circulating... this all = a hit song!!!!! 

Couldn't be happier, this has all been in the works since day one. Kiesza is a natural performer, she was born to be, now I can't wait to see her shine.

Above is her first single HIdeaway, it was shot in Brooklyn, New York, with a very talented team of people, Blayre was the Director of Photography, it was a long hot day, crazy dance moves happened, and it is a one shotter...... So no breaks..... By the end of it you will want to hail a cab, then emerge to dance through your local graffitied alley.... Because she did, and it looked amazing.... I did it too..... ummmm unfortunately no one will ever see my version ;)