Slim Aarons

As a decorator I am always trying to inject my clients personality into each project I work on as well as my own. The best way to do this is through art.Art is an expression on ones inward feelings, it is objective and often without explanation. We are drawn to, what we are drawn to, sometimes without rhyme or reason, and that is the beauty or art, it takes a blank canvas an voila! Unique, beautiful, personal

I am quite open minded when it comes to art, I love photography, paintings, graphic work- you name it. I am especially drawn to pieces inspired by the ocean, travel and youth. Over the weekend we purchased out first “investment” piece, it is a favourite Slim Aarons and I have had my eye on it for some time. The piece is fun, and a definite conversation starter. Slim Aarons ran in a very interesting circle, and this was his mean of documenting it!

It completes the space, and creates a fluidity that wasn’t there before. There is a rich playfulness to the colorful piece, that makes me smile each time I see it! When buying art no matter the price point, I would recommend the following:

- If you see and piece and can’t live without it- BUY IT!!!

- Carefully consider the piece you are going to buy if it is an investment, research the artist, uniqueness etc

- Buy pieces that have significance to you, that you can see growing with you in the future

- Reproductions are great ways to introduce art into your life, unique one of a kinds will be even more memorable conversation pieces

We are now addicted- already hunting for what will be the next piece we purchase. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, every time I look at it I notice something I hadn’t the time before. It is “Slim”ply perfect!

Have you purchased any art you are crazy about lately?