Hello... I Live Here.


Rewind the that scene of the SATC movie a few years ago, when Carrie walks into that penthouse apartment turns to Big and says "Hello, I live here…" Well, that happened to me the other day- however it was at the Club Monaco on Bloor Street. 

I have noticed recently how increasingly appealing the interior design of retail shops has become.  Each space is designed so meticulously, styled gallery walls with enviable vintage finds, gorgeous mouldings, and custom lighting….Every item has been chosen to perfectly compliment the brand.

Club Monaco is one of my favourite retailers that displays its gorgeous selection of apparel and accessories  on equally fabulous furniture pieces and decorative objects. As a design lover I find myself taking in the decor and the apparel takes a back seat. It keeps me coming back from season to season, looking forward to new visual merchandising updates. The overall experience is more intimate, and inviting, I love the innovativeness, here are some of my favourite interiors from recent shopping excursions. 

What is your favourite retail store interior?

All Images Courtesy of Laura Collins