Anchor's Away

Nautically inspired decor continues to be one of those trends that keeps resurfacing season after season. It has come a long way since the “ship in a bottle” decor that used to adorn every captains chambers and has become the staple of every cottage from the Hamptons to the Muskokas. Blue and white stripes will always be  synonymous with sailing and ocean culture, recently fresh interpretations such as rustic rope decorated mirrors and youthfully designed matchboxes for your interior will have you saying “Ahoy Matey”…..


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5 Tips to achieve a nautical look:

1. Throw down a seagrass rug to lighten up your space while adding a hint of sophistication.

2. Begin a collection of shells and mount them in a tasteful pattern in a shadow box.

3. Spend a day at the beach snapping shots of tide, develop and frame, a la Christian Chaize.

4. Create a vignette of similarly colored blue decorative objects.

5. Choose a white sofa and layer with nautically themed throw pillows & blankets.

What is your favourite nautical trend?

A look around my home, and some of my vintage finds: