In less than a month I am setting off to Istanbul with my sis and our parents. We will be cruising around the Mediterranean and ending off in Rome. This will be my first time in Turkey and Greece, I can't wait to discover these countries I have dreamt so much about. 

I have heard so much about the Grand Bazaar. Bargaining is an art I have been learning over the past few years, it will be interesting to see the vendors practicing said art, and how well I will do in a country I am foreign to. Don't go too low, so as to not insult, don't go too high or you will have been played!!! We are going to have a guide who is Turkish so perhaps I will just sit back and observe before having a go at it. 

The food is so fresh and beautiful. The flavours used in the ever so simple dishes are so vibrant and complex. In college, my best friend used to treat me when I would come over by whipping up the most flavourful salads, followed by baklava and traditional mint tea. I can't wait to be in the country in which all of these delicious foods originate!!

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If you have any suggestions of where to eat, where to shop, or where to go, I would love to hear from you!!