Leopard Ottoman

“I’ve never met a leopard print I didn’t like” - Diana Vreeland

The saga of the leopard printed ottoman.

Several years ago I picked up this piece at a second hand shop. It had a simple toile print that had long been faded, and was looking like it needed a major facelift, but the lines are what attracted me. 

It lived all over the house, finally finding a place discreetly tucked under our console. Years went by and it became this forgotten piece, I had plans for it, but wasn't sure what fabric would be part of the transformation. I had always loved the parson chairs that Ally had recovered, so I decided to take the plunge, and I purchased 3 yards of the Braemore Jamil Natural leopard print fabric. The overall cost came in around $150 with border fees, I think a great deal, considering many other dealers sell for more $$. I found a great custom upholsterer in my neighbourhood called Re-Wrap, and after speaking to them on the phone, knew they would do a beautiful job.

Admittedly the fellow I spoke with did have some reservations about the print, in combination with the non traditional shape, he felt it might have been a little busy (he wasn't a huge animal print fan), but I decided to stick with my instincts. He also advised me to throw the top pillow and have the foam built on to the pice, which created a more streamline piece.

The overall experience was great, and I would highly recommend their services, they were professional and knowledgeable, and I couldn't be happier with the final product. It is a beautiful unique piece, that can transition with us through the years! 

Now for the fun stuff, so as I told you earlier I picked up the piece second hand, it wasn't in the greatest condition, but that being said it was a solid piece, that we used as additional seating for guests over the past few years, and it was quite sturdy. 

When the upholsterers dismantled the piece, they discovered the structure was built out of worn out MDF- so it literally crumbled before their eyes. They completely freaked, but luckily had images and dimensions of the original piece, so COMPLETELY rebuilt it. So this piece technically (not at all I suppose) vintage anymore, but based on an old piece.... it is brand new!!! Can you believe it, they built it from scratch. Here are the before and after pics! Scroll to see