Life Lately

One month short of my 29th birthday, and life is looking pretty great lately. We kicked off 2015 with a big win at the CWIA Canadian Wedding Awards, by winning Best Cinematography team in Ontario. Elle and Be has bee such a labour of our love, and it was really amazing to have that acknowledged by our peers. We are so grateful to have such incredible clients, the couples we work with are all so unique and it is such an honour to be included on a day of such significance. It has been with great pride that we share each film we work on, and to have such an amazing opportunity to celebrate it was beyond exciting.

Over the weekend an even more surreal moment took place as Blayre was awarded a Juno for his work on the Hideaway video shot last year. It was such an epic moment for me as the partner to watch him be celebrated, but it was also a great reminder of all of the countless hours that are dedicated to the passion of storytelling, which in his case is in the form of film making. I was so incredibly proud. This year also marks our 8 year anniversary together, so to see him mounting the stage to collect his award was remarkable!! 

Next up we are kicking off the wedding season by heading to Sarasota to shoot an engagement, followed by a trip to Paris, that we have been counting down the days for, for about 2 years. My mom sent me a note this morning that said "Until further notice, celebrate everything".... Good advice I think!!