Beachy Keen

As you may already know, this month's cover of Style at Home Magazine (June 2015) features a client space that I worked on. It came as a complete surprise when Valerie Wilcox the photographer from the shoot contacted me the day before the magazine hit newsstands saying "I think we made the cover", I was excited.... Actually I was screaming in the middle of Dundas Square after my workout looking like a crazy person. Very glam, hahah, I will not forget that moment. Seconds later I was scanning the hashtag #styleathome  to get some stone cold evidence- huzzah after searching for a moment I found a pic. Eureka! 

About the story, we shot it last April with the amazing Christine Hanlon producing and Valerie shooting. Christine is awesome and helped produce the other shoot I did with SAH last year, and so it was lots of fun to join forces again. Of course because I am always flying by the seat of my pants, it was a very run and gun style shoot. Here is what I went down.... After we did the initial shoot in January, we discussed working on another client space in the future. After a couple months of writing back and forth with Christine, SAH wanted to see if we were able to shoot another space. That all sounds fine and dandy, but as the world has a fantastic sense of humour, in those few short months, my client decided to move to NYC. My client, aka my sister Jennifer, was totally on board to do the shoot, but there was one stipulation, she was moving in 3 days (this includes prep time and shoot time). 

I contacted Christine full panic, but being the pro she is, she was cool as a cucumber, pulled a team together and there we were days later making it happen! The night earlier I went over and did a cleaning blitz, and kindly asked her to not move a thing till the next day, hahaha, arriving very early the next morning I pulled together my styling props, and added to our pre existing decor. Ran to the store, bought Pellegrino naturally, no shoot is ready without, and had Blayre hit the caterers for nibbles. Needless to say, it all came together beautifully and as you now know- it made the cover. 

Literally the next day 90% of what you see was dismantled and sold. I now house the bar cart and a bit of the art, other items like the waterfall coffee table were sold and gone within hours of the shoot.

How's that for behind the scenes!!! 

A big thank you to talented Christine, Valerie, Helen Racanelli (the writer) and of course Erin McLaughlin for making it happen, it is truly a dream come true!! 

Pics and article below!!