Hello... I Live Here.


Rewind the that scene of the SATC movie a few years ago, when Carrie walks into that penthouse apartment turns to Big and says "Hello, I live here…" Well, that happened to me the other day- however it was at the Club Monaco on Bloor Street. 

I have noticed recently how increasingly appealing the interior design of retail shops has become.  Each space is designed so meticulously, styled gallery walls with enviable vintage finds, gorgeous mouldings, and custom lighting….Every item has been chosen to perfectly compliment the brand.

Club Monaco is one of my favourite retailers that displays its gorgeous selection of apparel and accessories  on equally fabulous furniture pieces and decorative objects. As a design lover I find myself taking in the decor and the apparel takes a back seat. It keeps me coming back from season to season, looking forward to new visual merchandising updates. The overall experience is more intimate, and inviting, I love the innovativeness, here are some of my favourite interiors from recent shopping excursions. 

What is your favourite retail store interior?

All Images Courtesy of Laura Collins 


Dauntless, Steadfast, Enigmatic.... Meet Kiesza.

Remember this name because it is about the be all over the place. Let me introduce you to Kiesza. Born in Calgary, she has now become a smash hit across the pond... She also happens to be my boyfriend Blayre's sister, and I grew up with her. 

Ever since i can remember this girl has demanded a presence like no other, from singing Annie in perfect pitch at the age of 10, or striding across the stage of the Young Canadian Grand Stand show upside down(yes she walks on her hands.... I mean of course she does)- she has never shown fear, in fact she welcomes the opportunity to perform and let those around her stand back in awe of her energetic engaging spirit. 

I promise you will be listening to this track all summer- it has become a mega hit in the UK already rising to the #1 spot, she has been making daily appearances, covers are hitting youtube, and parodies are circulating... this all = a hit song!!!!! 

Couldn't be happier, this has all been in the works since day one. Kiesza is a natural performer, she was born to be, now I can't wait to see her shine.

Above is her first single HIdeaway, it was shot in Brooklyn, New York, with a very talented team of people, Blayre was the Director of Photography, it was a long hot day, crazy dance moves happened, and it is a one shotter...... So no breaks..... By the end of it you will want to hail a cab, then emerge to dance through your local graffitied alley.... Because she did, and it looked amazing.... I did it too..... ummmm unfortunately no one will ever see my version ;)

My Hood: Cabbagetown

Have you heard of Cabbagetown?? Located in Toronto’s East End, this historical community is minutes away from Yorkville, Leslieville and the heart of downtown. It is also where I call home!!! Since living here for the past 3 years my love affair for this neighbourhood has solidified, and I continue to look forward to learning more about the history surrounding this area as well as the growth and opportunity it promises!

As a heritage conservation site, Cabbagetown boasts one of the greatest amount ofVictorian homes in North America. Each home is unique and filled with character. I love taking walks around the neighbourhood with my dog Bruce and taking in all of the architecture and history. The gardens are equally matched, most which are composed of wrought iron fences, and handsomely pruned boxwood varieties.

In the summer, Riverdale Farm hosts a charming summer market each Tuesday, where locals come with fresh fruits, veggies, flowers and locally made preservatives. “Park Snacks” sits at the corner of the park, where you can pick up an ice cream or sandwich while you stroll through the farm, or watch your kids play at the local water fountain that becomes a play spot in the hot summer days.

New restaurants and bars are popping up all over the main strip, a few favourites areThe House on Parliament for a beer after work(brunch is also great), Daniel et Danielfor a morning croissant, and Hey Lucy for a cocktail and appetizer! Labour of Love,SpruceMi Casa and Eclectisaurus are all fabulous home decor shops to peruse after a day of discovering the neighbourhood.

I love Cabbagetown, it has so much to offer, I have enjoyed getting to know it so much, I hope you enjoy a few images I took on my most recent walk!!

Come by and visit my vibrant part of the city, I promise you will love it!!

What is your favourite Toronto Neighbourhood?

A Collected Home

I love having art on my walls. The collection we have created throughout our home is filled with sentimental memories, personal art projects and imagery we are drawn to. I am always attracted to soft beachy scenes, bold art and vintage references. Here are a few tips about how to create an eclectic gallery wall, this is what was a winning combination for me!!

- Work with differently sized art pieces

- Mix in frames of all sizes

- Incorporate art using different textures

- Use colors that complement one another

- Most importantly you can't really go wrong if you choose what you love!

All in the Details

Styling is one of my passions. I love taking everything off the shelves, reorganizing, and starting a new. Styling makes me feel lighter, refreshed and I love feeling surprised by new combinations throughout my home. It is amazing how by simply removing everything and starting from scratch can make you completely rethink and revitalize a space! Here are some detail shots from our bedroom makeover:

Second Take

Blayre and I finally got around to finishing our top floor! We splurged on a custom king sized bed, and let me tell you- we ain't eva going back to a queen!! It is so comfy, we can all snuggle comfortably now- no one (namely me) is hanging off the bed in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I can now get a goodnight sleep!!! If you have room in your space for a king- DO IT!

We also added reading lamps, I love them, they are adjustable, and perfect for a little reading before bed. I love how the bedside tables are cleared of the lamps that used to take up a lot of room, and we can use them now to stack all of our books!! So easy to install- and Ikea purchases to boot.