• Full Scale Design
  • E- Design
  • Consultation
  • Shopping
  • Floor Plan
  • Design Board


Base cost is $2000 or 10% of the total cost of the project (whichever is higher).

During the consultation (info below) we will discuss your creative design needs for all desired areas of your home or office. 

Once we've begun our collaborative journey our first step in the process is to obtain the measurements of all project areas. We will schedule a time for myself and an associate to visit your space.

Full Scale Design Includes:

  • Floor Plan of desired spaces 
  • Design Board (visual of end result)
  • A comprehensive package detailing optional furnishings, lighting, and accessories with cost info
  • Pinterest board with inspirational imaging for client

Clients are asked to complete the LCD Design questionnaire. The questionnaire provides a further understanding of clients taste palette, as well as instructions to measure the desired space. 

After the completed questionnaire & measurements are received, client can expect to receive the design board, floor plan and sourcing information in roughly 10 business days- depending on the size of the project

Once I receive your completed questionnaire I will send over an invoice for my design fee to begin work on your space. 

Click HERE to download the questionnaire. 

E-Design also available. (see below). 


For GTA only (travel expenses may be added depending on location)

 2 hour Consultation *$400

This service is to create a foundation on which the rest of the design process is built on. During the consult a Pinterest board will be created, providing tools, and resources,  the client may navigate going forward. Paint selection, furniture direction (new & pre-existing), window treatments and spacial planning will be discussed. 

*payment can be processed via cheque, email money transfer at the end of the meeting.


For GTA only (expenses may discussed for travel outside)


I will shop for you, or together I will help guide you or give feedback on shopping choices. 


Pricing begins at $750 for the first room, each subsequent room is $500. 

Please fill out the questionnaire that will help to better understand your taste palette, as well as the instructions to measure your space so I will be able to accurately select furnishings and accessories. 

Click HERE to download the questionnaire. 

After the completed questionnaire & measurements are received, you can expect to receive the design board/layout/sourcing information within 10 business days. 

Please also attach all angles of room you wish to be decorated- try to take the photos in the best light possible, get all angles of the room (multiple if needed) and please note any furniture that you want to remain in space. 

*This service is for clients located out of the GTA

Design Board Samples Above